Audemars Piguet

  • 24 Jun 2019

Audemars Piguet Holding SA is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury mechanical watches, based in Le Brassus, Switzerland. The company was founded by Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet in the Vallée de Joux in 1875, acquiring the name of Audemars Piguet & Cie in 1881. The company is family-owned since its founding, it is a prestigious watch manufacturer. The company is best known for the introduction of the Royal Oak wristwatch in 1972, which helped the brand gain prominence in the watch industry. One of the first achievements was to create the first movement of wristwatch with repetition of minutes of the world in 1892. In addition, The company developed the first skeleton clock in 1934 and has manufactured some of the finest watches in the world, such as the clock 1986 ultra-thin automatic tourbillon bracelet.

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Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet knew each other in their childhood, but they did not reconnect until 1874 when they were little more than twenty years old. In 1875, they formed a partnership and started their business. In 1881, Audemars Piguet & Cie was officially founded, based in Le Brassus, a village within the Vallée de Joux in Switzerland.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph. Both Audemars and Piguet were former watchmakers. Audemars created complex watch movements for other watch manufacturers, such as Tiffany Co., for their use. Piguet specializes in the regulation of the movements of watches. Once they were associated, they divided responsibilities while operating their own company: Audemars was in charge of the technical and production aspects, while Piguet focused on sales and administration.

The leaders of the second generation company included Paul Louis Audemars and Paul Edward Piguet, and the third generation included Jacques Louis Audemars and Paulette Piguet. In the 1970s, Audemars Piguet reached an important position in the watch industry, especially after presenting the Royal Oak collection. The leaders of the fourth generation of the company belong to the Audemars family, including Jasmine Audemars and Olivier Frank Edward Audemars. Currently, the company is an active member of the Federation of the Swiss watch industry and produces around 40,000 watches a year.

In 1892, he created the first movement in the world that repeated the minutes, which was then sold to Louis Brandt Frères. In 1899, he produced a "Big Complication" pocket watch with 7 complications, including a large and small strike, a minute repeater, an alarm, a perpetual calendar, non-stop seconds, a chronograph with seconds to jump and a second hand divided. In 1921, he created the world's first jump hour wristwatch, driven by Caliber HPVM10. In 1934, he introduced the first skeleton watch. In 1946, it produced the thinnest watch in the world, with a movement of 1.64 mm thick. In 1972, he introduced the world's first luxury sports watch, the Royal Oak. In 1986, he created an ultra-thin automatic tourbillon wristwatch, with a thickness of only 5.3 mm. In 1995/96, the first "Grande Complication" automatic wristwatch was made. In 2006, he introduced the world's first direct impulse escape, based on a design by watchmaker Robert Robin in the 18th century. In 2007 and 2008, the first watch was developed with a carbon case and a carbon movement.

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