How to know a watch is fake or original?

  • 22 Jul 2019

We all know the power of the luxury watch market and how its fame is increasing, but what is more important for us is to find the best watch, at a good price and this is where the counterfeiting of watches, the high-level fakes which are sold at a fair price below the market price of the originals, are currently one of the biggest problems facing the current watch market. But how to distinguish a real clock from a counterfeit ?.

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The fakes are easy to identify just by looking at the outside of these, they can be identified with details on the belts, in the details, in the font sizes of the logos, in the functional life of these and in many cases they have remnants of glues It can also be considered a forgery when they do not have the "T Swiss Made T" if not a "Japanese Movement". And on the back of this will appear a carved logo which has a manufacturing serial number that will only be seen if the watch is authentic can be verified through the web portals of the watches.

You can check the crystals are sealed completely and are not easy to remove, this fakes are seen in the life of these, while an original watch can have a lifespan of up to 15 years and manufacturers offer guarantees up to 10 years for changes and repair, while counterfeits can present problems in the first 6 months or in the first year.

 The production lines do not allow products with defects to be released to the market and more when it comes to the market for luxury watches.

Do not fall into absurd traps because save some money today and you will lose twice as much, because you have made a purchase in vain. The high-end watches are not expensive for being a whim or because you are buying a brand, in reality you are buying an object for a lifetime and with a generational character and if they have that price it is for its quality and the great definition of each detail.

Currently there is a wide variety of watches for general use such as wall and anteroom or for personal use such as pocket or wristwatches that today are considered an accessory which you can find in many different designs both in their mechanisms as for your belts which you can find a great variety of styles and colors in our catalogs with a great range for all the brands that manufacture these watches. In our store



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