How can i take care and keep clean my straps?

  • 26 Jun 2019

When we have a new watch, we always try to be very careful so that its useful life is more durable, all watches have different care and to keep them looking good and functional for many years there are some basic care that they need not They are very complicated and can be taken into account for good care with our watches. Not only in its mechanisms but also in the belts

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The strap is something basic in our watch, not so much for its operation as for its handling, although the strap is one of the parts of the watch that we give less importance, there are some cleaning methods that will be easy to follow .

To clean a belt of steel or some metal in general, it must be done with plenty of soapy water and dry it well. Do not let it dry in the sun because it can oxidize. Every so often it is necessary to disassemble this type of belts to lubricate them. Once washed and very dry, we use low density oil, never the usual oils that we use at home since this type of oil would oxidize the metal. It is also not advisable to use 3-in-1 or spray oils as we would grease the entire watch and damage other components. A small tip is to pour the oil on the strap like dripping from a needle or a pin.

When it comes to resin belts it is recommended to disassemble the belt and clean it with soapy water and dry it well that if it is left wet it can be stifled and start to crack. If it becomes hard, a good recommendation is to immerse the belt in silicone oil so that it fully recovers its elasticity for at least two weeks. Once that period of time has passed, clean again with soapy water and dry completely.

As for leather belts these are a bit more difficult when it comes to their maintenance. You can use a soft cloth and a special cleaner for skins. You could also use some specific moisturizer, but be careful to try it before in an invisible area of ​​the belt in case it deteriorates. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. When the leather is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time it may discolor and the material may deteriorate.

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