About Us


Founded by sport enthusiast Andre Garcera, Krono Straps has quickly established itself as a globally recognised brand.

We are manufacturing leather and rubber straps  for fine watches, including Rolex, Panerai, Audemars Piguet to name a few.

Krono Straps brings together a luxury & sporting lifestyle whilst challenging the traditional approach of Horology.

Our objective is to ensure that Krono Straps feel & look as unique as the watches themselves.



Andre is an extremely sporty and energetic man. Andre was a professional BMX and Mountain Biker. Most recently Andre has turned his hand to the sport of Polo. Andre competes in both the United Kingdom and France. Andre also has a passion for cars & last but not least, watches. His fascination with watches inspired him to develop the perfect watch strap for himself. 

Andre realised that the only way to do all of these sports whilst wearing his favourite Rolex, was to use a rubber strap. Although rubber straps were already available to buy on the market from some retailers, they never felt comfortable or looked that "special."

And that is how the journey of Krono Straps began. In 2017, Andre Garcera decided to create his own personal brand in luxury watch straps. Celio from the onset began to break the traditional codes related to high-end watches. In doing so, Andre began to create the most unique & stylish straps imaginable.


Switzerland is renowned for being the country that manufactures the best watches in the world and was our primary option to create the highest quality rubber straps.

We have found a highly skilled artisan from Paris, a city with some of the most exquisite designers, who crafts, bonds and hand stitches our leather straps to perfection.

In collaboration with artists and manufacturers  from around the world, Krono Straps also supplies limited edition watch straps. For further photos and information, please visit our instagram page.


Our website www.kronostraps.com is essential for the sales of our straps we ship worldwide. We also have a growing number of retailers all around the world.

Krono Straps is now sold in retail locations in Europe, the United States, Australia, Middle East, Africa and Asia.