how should i take care of my silicone straps?

  • 06 Jul 2019

The silicone has a soft and comfortable feel and is an easy-to-clean material, making silicone straps ideal for swimming and for sports where you sweat a lot. Elastomer belts, used mainly in our older watches, are somewhat stiffer than silicone belts, although they are also suitable for high performance activities.

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Regularly, take off your wrist watch, clean the watch and strap with water and a mild hand soap, rinse well and dry them with a towel before putting your watch back on. We recommend that you clean the body of the watch and the strap after each intense exercise. To eliminate accumulation of lotions and oils (such as sunscreen, insect repellent and moisturizers) that may have accumulated under the strap: use a mild hand soap, rinse well and dry with a towel. For stubborn stains or dirt accumulation: rub with a wet soft bristle toothbrush.

A plastic belt is susceptible to discoloration by light and can be damaged by contact with solvents solvents? or the humidity of the atmosphere. If the bands remain wet and in very humid places or are exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, the rate of deterioration may be accelerated and some cracks may appear on the surface of the band. In addition, a translucent band, white or pale, easily absorbs other colors, resulting in color spots or discoloration. Care must be taken with the condition of the polyurethane bands, which are often used for marine sports or outdoor activities.

It is necessary to wash the dirt with water and dry the belt completely with a dry cloth (we must remember to protect the watch head from splashing water by wrapping it in plastic, as we have indicated above). When the band loses elasticity, in the case of that we continue using the band as it is, it may crack or become brittle over time and that's where we need to buy a new strap.

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