Leather Straps

  • 02 Jul 2019

The watches depend on their characteristics are taken care of, and more when we refer to their belts, the belts require a lot of care and more when it comes to leather belts. Since leather needs to be taken care of due to its properties these can be affected by things like pollution, light, perfumes or even water that comes splashing.

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Leather watch straps usually last between six and nine months depending on quality, wear and maintenance. The material and labor involved can vary greatly in terms of quality, since the fact that you buy a leather strap for your watch does not guarantee that it is the best. Some belts have a higher concentration of fat, which can make it brittle over time, while the cheaper ones often only last a few months. To make sure that the chosen strap is the right one, choose those with a rough edge and a certain patina on the surface that will increase over time.

Leather also needs rest and breathing. So that the sweat does not saturate the material and mushrooms are formed, it is convenient to take off the watch before practicing any sport. On the other hand, do not use the leather watch latch too tight. It is a bad habit that will stress the strap every time you move your wrist, causing an early deterioration of the watch strap.

All types of smooth grain leather, with the exception of open aniline leather, can be cleaned with a damp cloth. On the other hand, white leather has different characteristics than those of ostrich leather and the correct way to clean it is the first step to extend your life. Clean the leather before cleaning it more thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth, so you will ensure that dirt does not scratch it when you're rubbing it. In any case, use leather oils, leather spray, conditioners, waterproofing or leather milk after a wet cleaning to create a protective film on the surface of the belt that will also serve as a barrier against dirt, moisture and even the sun If you do not have any of the commercial cleaners on hand, try a home-made mix of water and baking in equal parts to make a paste.

In case that for some reason a watch with leather straps had contact with sea water the treatment to clean the salt of these is simple.

1. Brush the leather watch strap to remove salt stains.

2. Use a mild soap for the body and water with a towel to clean it.

3. Take a bottle with an atomizer and mix a half part of water and a half of vinegar.

4. Wipe the leather strap again with a towel and water.

5. Allow the leather strap to dry naturally.

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