Watch Straps made of Python leather

  • 12 Oct 2018

This month, Celio Garcera, the founder of Krono Straps would like you to discover our collection of Watch Straps in Python leather. A very versatile leather, affordable and strong, in short a good compromise for the collector who wants a strap original and cheap.

The python, depending on the type of tanning, matt or shiny, will adapt to men's or women's watches in almost all styles: vintage, sporty, high-tech, masculine, feminine ...

The dyes, plain or multicolored (affixed to the natural pigmentation), gives them a unique look.

Affordable in price, and against all odds rather solid, the python is a good compromise for the collector who wants an original bracelet and cheap.

Technically, no problem either. The suppleness and fineness of python leather make it adaptable to all watches, even those equipped with very technical fastening systems.

What about the apparent fragility of python leather?

Due to its partly peeled scales, python leather gives an image of apparent fragility. It is not true believe me. The scales are firmly anchored in the dermis and I have never seen a shell tear off the skin.

Is the python expensive?

Not at all. Of course, a python bracelet will cost you more than a calf strap, but it is one of the least expensive luxury leathers. It is also inimitable in print.

General culture: There is no breeding python, nor any other kind of snake elsewhere. All python skins used in the leather industry come from wild animals.



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