Black Krono Straps for Rolex Submariner with buckle

Black Krono Straps for Rolex Submariner with buckle

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Black KRONO Straps in rubber for Rolex Submariner

 - Perfect fit to your Rolex Submariner

 - Many colours available

 - Very comfortable and durable straps made of high quality rubber  

 - Fits the Rolex Submariner made of STAINLESS STEEL, STEEL AND GOLD and ALL YELLOW GOLD that came on a metal Oyster bracelet 


 - Straps come with Rolex style spring bars and 316L Stainless Steel brushed

KRONO Straps is an independent company and NOT affiliated with Rolex or any other watch brand company. 

Rolex SA was founded in London, England by Alfred David and Hans Wilsdorf. The two brothers were importing Swiss watch movements to England and placing them in high quality watch cases. 

The name "Rolex" was made up. Wilsdorf thought the name Rolex sounded like a watch being wound, and also wanted his watch brand's name to be easy to pronounce in any language. The name was short enough to fit perfectly on the face of a watch.

At Krono Straps headquarters, we are inspired by the Rolex Story and we are trying hard to make the best possible straps to fit this beautiful brand of watches.

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