Suede Rally Krono Straps

Suede Rally Krono Straps
Suede Rally Krono Straps

Suede Rally Krono Straps

Brand: KRONO
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  • £40.00


The black color here pairs well with just about anything, but we love to see the Suede Rally Krono Straps worn on a vintage sports watch. These straps go well for any occasion, dressy or casual. 


A hand-made French suede strap has been the choice of international men of taste for years. Our Rally version gives it a Biker Style which is a little less understated than our classic suede straps. Why not try something different? 


    • Length: 115mm / 75mm
    • Lug width: 22mm; buckle width: 18mm


     - Very comfortable and durable straps made of high quality Suede leather

     - Immediate availability    

     - Krono Buckle included in the price

     - Handmade in France

     - Quick Release: Swap your straps daily. Simply slide the quick release knob to the right with your fingernail and reverse to fit the strap back to your watch.

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