Stingray Straps

  • 21 Sep 2018

Our new collection of Stingray Straps are genuine exclusive pieces lined with cowhide leather. Stingray leather is the treated skin of a variety of "Stingray" with a long poisonous tail.

The Stingray is a rare leather, precious, resistant and especially beautiful. It has something fascinating, if not intoxicating. He subjugates and hypnotizes those who cross him. It is by far the most durable leather on the planet.

This extraordinary resistance comes from the microscopic texture of its fibers that are crossed (like a fabric), instead of being parallel as on any other traditional leather. It is the tanning of this skin made of naturally crossed fibers which makes it possible to combine a beautiful skin granular, soft, extraordinarily resistant and of an original beauty. Halfway between leather and mineral, it has a smooth appearance that reveals small rows of sparkling pearls. 

Each skin contains 1 or 2 elongated white areas, called the "pearl" of this skin. The name of Galuchat or Stingray comes from the master craftsman of Louis XV who was the first, in the 18th century, to develop in France the use of this exceptional material. 

Nowadays, Stingray are protected in Europe. All our Stingray leather come from Thailand, where there is abundance of this variety of "Stingray" which is not on the list of protected species and allowed to be fished.

Our products have passed all the compliance checks and are fully legal on import. For more information on Stingray, you can also visit the page dedicated to this leather on Wikipedia.


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