what is an GMT watch?

  • 21 Jun 2019

The GMT or Greenwich Mean Time Watch, are clocks that allow to mark two time zones, the second schedule can be read by a third indicator, which only indicate between 12 and 24 hours, there are variations of the model where the box has two crowns one where one needle indicates the hours and another needle indicates the meridian on which it should be read.

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The meridian of Greenwich separates the east from the west in the same way that the equator separates the south from the north. This meridian, which is nothing more than an imaginary line, crosses different countries. among which is England and Greenwich. In this situation, when the sun is at its highest point, the clock should mark noon. This update for the watches was generated by the need that the pilots and / or passengers had to travel, to differentiate the time zones that they crossed and to which they would arrive, when international flights became routine.

The first company to manufacture these watches was ROLEX who launched the ROLEX GMT Master, which allowed to show the time zones, one shows the time established according to the meridian and the other when turning on the bezel.

There are also other models within this same standard in this design that allows you to have the time of up to 3 different time zones, the design has the indicators of the time zone already established, and two small bevels inside the box, both indicate another two time zones. Another bevel that indicates in which meridian it is, and another small indicator that indicates the date in the other time zone.

The GMT watches that stand out in history are:

The Rolex GMT Master II, This reference is undoubtedly one of the most recognized by collectors and enthusiasts of contemporary watchmaking. And today has been released information about this piece, which although it was recovered in 2014 with white gold box, now is delivered in stainless steel with Jubilee bracelet and new caliber, which is the product of the technology that the brand has incorporated in recent years. The new engine has 70 hours of autonomy and Chronergy exhaust for 15% more efficiency. This means an increase of 22 hours in the reserve for a maximum precision of + 2-2 seconds of daily deviation.

The Bell & Ross BRV2-93 GMT 24 H, This watch allows you to see the time in three different time zones. Yes three. GMTs generally make use of a secondary needle that connects to the train of hours wheels; however, it is adjusted in a different way to indicate a second time zone, which always corresponds to the home time. The main hands will show the local time, while the second time zone will appear on the GMT hand. Bell & Ross creates a functional bidirectional bezel, with which a third time zone can be calculated in the following way: the bezel is graduated in 24 hours, it can be rotated clockwise to subtract hours, and in the another to add them. The reference is offered with a rubber bracelet or a polished steel bracelet, while the case extends up to 41 mm in diameter and incorporates a graduated bidirectional rotating bezel, developed in two-color anodized aluminum (gray and black) for the day indication and night.

The Greubel Forsey GMT Earth, in this model the full globe is seen from the North Pole to the South, all thanks to a 360 degree spatial view. 3 time zones, universal time from the globe, in addition to the local time. Equipped with a caliber with tourbillon that makes a revolution every 24 hours, it has two barrels for 72 hours of chronometric autonomy. The piece has 3 patents: tourbillon of 24 seconds in comparsa with the globe, the indication of the power reserve, and the indication of the 24 time zones. GMT Earth makes it possible to see three separated time zones simultaneously within a quarter of an hour . On the clock movement side 24 time zones are shown with summer and winter time to complement the universal time indicated by the balloon. The ultimate challenge was to create a complete three-dimensional view of the globe, from the North Pole to the South Pole. The proportions of the box were adjusted to accommodate the high-dome sapphire crystal bezel and the special art on the box band.

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