what kind of care should i give to my watch?

  • 25 Jun 2019

When we have a new watch, we always try to be very careful so that its useful life is more durable, all watches have different care and to keep them looking good and functional there are some basic care that they need that do not turn out to be very complicated and that can be taken into account for good care with our watches.

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1. Avoid wearing metal bracelets or metal bracelets as accompanying your watch, with that you avoid scratching or dulling.

2. Try that every battery of quartz watches change them in post sales centers with a specialist technician who will replace them.

3. Do not leave the batteries already worn inside the watches, since when rusting the batteries can corrode the entire internal system.

4. Try to keep your watch close to magnetic sources such as energy regulators or magnets, bag closures or airport detectors as these could decompensate the mechanism causing it to slow down or stop.

5. Avoid sleeping with the seat, wear the belts quickly, especially when it comes to metal belts.

6. Do not use the watch when playing sports such as tennis or basketball, since the movements of the hands required by these sports could damage the machinery.

7. After swimming in the sea or in a swimming pool with your watch, clean it with a damp cloth of water to remove all traces of salt or chlorine.

8. Carry out airtightness check on your watch (every one or two years)

9. If the strap or bracelet is dirty, you can use a slightly damp cloth, but do not submerge the watch or use hot water as it will affect the color and longevity of the piece.

10. Do not keep your watch in a room with high humidity or heat - leaving it in the sink while you shower, or placing it next to the kitchen while cooking, are both ways to damage your watch and increase the likelihood of it oxidizing.

11. If at any time we want to store our watch for an indefinite period, it is best to remove its batteries.

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