what should i look for in a smartwatch?

  • 06 Jul 2019

At the time of the consultation buy a smart watch or when it comes to change, there are many aspects that we must take into account to make the purchase of one of these new technological supports.

If you want to always carry your smart watch with you, it is important that the device is protected. Therefore, our advice to buy a smartwatch is that you get one that has IP68 certification, because that means it is submersible and you can wear it to shower, for the pool or the beach.

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While it is true that some years ago, the fight in this area was between watchOS and Wear OS, in recent times the situation has changed a lot. WatchOS has taken off thanks to the good sales of the Apple Watch, but the version for smartwatches of Android has been noticeable and some have been provided have been served in their own operating systems. Example to Fitbit, that after buying Pebble has much to say in this market. It has its own operating system, which by the way is quite good.

This means that you should look at the

For some years, all smart watches have WiFi to connect to the Internet, as well as bluetooth to synchronize data between this and the mobile phone. However, little by little smart watches have become independent of the phone. There are currently enough models of watches with 4G LTE connectivity in the market, including the Apple Watch Series 4, although it is not the only one. Thanks to this possibility, you can use a SIM card to receive calls or SMS directly on your watch, even if you do not carry your mobile phone with you.

It is not the same to buy a sports smart watch as a casual one, although in the market there are some models that are still both facets. And is that, in addition to the design differences that can be seen a simple view, the features have also realized. Normally, a smart watch designed for athletes includes more battery autonomy, GPS and some applications to measure distances, calories burned and also heart rate.

It is also recommended, is that the smart watch you are looking for has an NFC chip, which is used to make payments digitally.

Currently there is a wide variety of watches for general use such as wall and anteroom or personal use as the pocket or bracelet that today realizes that you can find in many different designs both in their mechanisms You can find a wide variety of styles and colors in our catalogs with a wide range for all brands that manufacture these watches. In our store

 time to buy a smart watch, beyond if you do not have Wear OS, are its functionalities. Especially if it is able to synchronize notifications with Android and iOS.

The autonomy of the battery is one of the most important features to take into account when buying a smart watch. It is useless to have a device that has everything that must be loaded every day. Fortunately, in this sense there have been many advances in recent times, with models that offer a battery week without problems. This is an important aspect, a new watch, a mobile phone: what was carried out or not, and that is usual to forget in the house.

The size of the screen, the type of panel and the protection of it. It is a sensitive device, which is located in an area especially given to blows such as the wrist. Why is the key to protection against scratches and bumps, such as Corning Gorilla Glass. The type of panel also influences to improve the visualization, eliminate reflections and save battery.




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