which is the best watch to buy digital or analog?

  • 16 Jul 2019

When it comes to acquiring a new watch we always have to take into account some aspects such as its mechanisms, the style, the manufacturer and how reliable its products are, how renowned the brand is, its maintenance. And that's why we want to offer you this little guide about watches.

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We start with the style choosing one of the most important factors when it comes to thinking about a new watch that is choosing between analog and digital, it is simple digital watches are those that show us the time on a small screen and all its functions They will depend on her. While the analogs with those that have between 2 and 3 ajugas, both clocks can be multifunctions. The Hybrid watches were recently presented, which show the same image of a traditional analog clock with small screens that are useful for the use of another schedule or multi-purpose tools.

When we talk about the mechanisms we have three, the manual, the automatic and the quartz clock, with the manuals the string must be given constantly, the automatic ones all their work is a base one battery and the quartz ones are digital mechanisms. You are also developing watches with solar energy.

Automatic watches do not need a battery because they take the energy to move the needles of your body's movement. For a rope watch to work it is necessary to turn the crown to load it.

For digital watches its useful life is very delicate since many of them have already stopped working even before your battery runs out, everything will depend on what kind of battery you wear and the use you make of the watch. It is not the same just to see the time to be continuously using the stopwatch and functions. The more you use its functionalities, the less time the battery will last. Even so, I'm sure it will last for several years. Also the price of a new battery is very low.

With the design, we do not only refer to its appearance, but also to the utilities, which are its capacities and resistances, such as the diving clocks that allow the resistance of a watch up to 60 meters, it should also be taken into account that so tough and durable.

And finally it is important because when buying a watch you should feel at ease and more when it comes to a brand that can try everything. Something that is recommended is that the best thing is that the watch you decide to buy is from a recognized brand.

Currently there is a wide variety of watches for general use such as wall and anteroom or for personal use such as pocket or wristwatches that today are considered an accessory which you can find in many different designs both in their mechanisms as for your belts which you can find a great variety of styles and colors in our catalogs with a great range for all the brands that manufacture these watches. In our store



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